Image Is Everything As An Escort

Image is everything in the escort business. Actually, in the sex industry generally. How an escort girl looks on the web page pretty much determines how much work she will get and at what rates. Well, for first time bookings, anyway. All bets are off when it comes to repeat bookings and turning occasional clients into regulars. The it is about sensuality, charm, brains, pure raw sex appeal and, let us be totally honest for a moment, sexual performance in the bedroom. (Bathroom, kitchen, lounge, balcony...wherever)

Professional escort girls will get their photo portfolio refreshed at least every six months if they are working in smaller locations, such as being an escort in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. If they are working in London or some other big city, then they will need to invest more like four times a year. And that is a big investment in both time and money. But how a woman looks in a photo has very little to do with how sexy she is in real life, not with how wild, uninhibited, skilled and enthusiastic she is as a sexual performer. And, as I have already mentioned, a combination of sexual performance, charm, brains and likeability are what most men are really looking for. The vast majority of male clients would, in the flesh, rather spend time with a fun girl who is a beast in the bedroom rather than with a super model ice maiden who cannot wait to get out of the bedroom. Even if the former is average looking and the latter a total BB (Basically Baywatch).

Some of the more chunky escort girls (I do not fall into this category due to endless hours in the gym, swimming pool, sea and doing martial arts and cross fit.) are actually the most incredibly appealing in real life, having an almost magical sexual allure that just does not communicate down a camera lens for them. So I think that a little stepping back is required for the sake of both business and social discretion. Just because you can look at porn in a public place does not mean you should. And just because you can see photos of an escort easily does not mean that you are seeing the whole story.


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