It Is All About The Sex

OK, here is the truth. Forget all the euphemisms and the talking around the subject and the using vague language to try and skirt various laws in various places, especially by escort agencies who do not want to get caught up in pimping or people trafficking legislation. Female escorts have sex for money. I am a female escort and I have sex for money. Some of it good, some of it bad. Some of it insanely kinky and most of it perfectly vanilla. Sometimes there is lots of talking and fun around the date. Yes, I get taken to dinner and I accompany clients to business and social events. But then before, after or even during, they also want to have sex with me. And at the prices they are paying for my time, I would probably want to get off in return for the investment too.

I am pretty much willing – and happy – to do anything sexually. Always have been, always will be, whether I am doing it for free or earning enough to buy a small car from a single booking as a Malaga escort. It is rare for me say no to anything, but I do not like a client putting fingers inside me. It makes me nervous. So do escorts ever have orgasms with clients? I obviously cannot speak for everyone. But this one does, as long as the gentleman takes his time, helps me to relax and is respectful and polite. Basically, if he makes me like him there is a good chance my body will respond of its own accord.

But, having said all that, I am a damned good actress and I think most of my clients think that they are the perfect lovers for me. I have faking it down to an absolute arm. Internal contractions like you would not believe because of the daily work I do with Kleigels and on my abdominal muscles. Do my clients think I come? Yes, I think so. Do they come? Oh I know so! I am a really good horizontal actress and apart from not having orgasms while I am on duty I really do enjoy my work.


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