Not all sex workers are created equal. In exactly the same way that not all people are equal. That is just the way that things are. Life might not be fair, but wishing it were so will not change anything, so why fret about it? Street walkers sell sex for money. Escorts who charge several thousand euros for an over night booking sell sex for money. And mid range escorts that charge two hundred and fifty euros an hour sell sex for money. It is the same industry but different parts of it. Obviously as you go higher up the price ladder in the market, the girls look more like models. They also dress better. And normally they are more intelligent or educated. But believe me, that is far from the case!

Probably the biggest difference is actually in location more than in the job itself. Imagine that you are going to be a male clients arm candy to attend a business reception or awards ceremony, and that your job is to make the paying client look good – as though he is the kind of man that could attract the most sexy and desirable women in the world. But working as one of the girls who escorts Tenerife clients at those events needs brains, looks, style and the ability to chat about things other than shoes. So there are lots of girls who get invited once but never return and only a small number of them who are so regular that people assume they belong there. I suppose they are right in a way.

Everyone pays for sex. It is just that sex workers – be they street walkers, bar girls, mid level escorts or elite high class model escorts – are honest about the price. All of them supply the client with sexual services. Everything else is about set dressing really. Conversation, dress, style and the setting. A blow job might be a blow job, but somehow a blow job in the back of a Ford Fiesta in an alley feels rather different to a blow job in the Presidential Suite of a seven star hotel in Dubai. Nonsense, but true none the less.


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