I am at the top of my game as a high class escort. I am happy to say that because I work so hard at it, so it is not immodest. It is just acknowledging the results of my hard work. For example, aside from the amount of time and money that I spend on the product – which is me – in the form of exercise, hair, make up, shoes, clothing and accessories, I spend a lot of time making sure I can meet any requirements for style, taste or sexual predilections.

Recently, to explain, I was in Marbella with a client who really just wanted to blow out at the clubs and dance for as long as his energy lasted. Which actually meant very little sex during our three hour booking. But it did mean dancing for eight to twelve hours a night, so Stan Smith trainers and shorts not high heels and body conscious bandage dress. Another date was as the Marbella escort for a Russian businessman who was here with a group of his friends and business colleagues. And he was looking to impress them with the high class arm candy that he had with him. Then I went all out, which served nicely to drive my price and marketability up, especially with the Russians. They like to see the bling swing and have no issues with the fact that the girlfriend is being paid for. They understand that you always pay for sex one way or another, so what the hell.

All that because I know my time at the very top of the escort business is limited. I have maybe another ten years left. Sure, there may be a client who I take up with romantically, but I doubt it. So I am taking care of my future as thoughtfully and in as business like way as I run my life as an escort. So I try to keep my head screwed on and my feet on the ground – which is difficult a trick to manage as it sounds. One day this outrageous experience will end, unless I make the transition from professional girlfriend to professional wife. And that is not in my plans at all. But who knows what the future holds? I did not expect to become an international escort, after all.


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