Sex Selling Sex

Diesel was clearly not the first clothing or consumer brand to link advertising and sex in the marketing strategy. If they were, then the expression “sex sells” would not be as familiar to all of us in the general population. Historians who study marketing and advertising – yes, such a profession exists – think that the first to try out this (then new) concept was Pearl Tobacco as far back as eighteen seventy one in the United States. They produced an image of a naked woman and placed that on their product packaging. The rest was history. The brand, however was a lot less long lasting than the concept they originated.

This outcome would not be surprising to those people in the adult , porn, sex, prostitution industries. You know, the people who actually sell sex instead of using sex to sell something else, usually totally unconnected to sex. Escort agencies such as Barbies Babes Cheshire Escorts know that just having sexy images is not enough. You can not even sell sex through sex. Yes, that is right sexiness does not sell sex. At least, it is not sufficient in and of itself.
Since Pearl Tobacco, countless multitudes of brands have followed then down the sex route to push their wares. Some with great success, others disastrously. The “Hello Boys” campaign brought the Wonderbra huge success, but most “sexy” campaigns fail on their faces. And deserve to. The greatest success from sex in advertising is quite probably the Calvin Klein brand. Even though Klein himself is no longer directly involved day to day, this is a clothing brand that is about sex as much as it is the actual clothing itself. One could with a lot of justification suggest that Calvin Klein has pushed the limits of what is acceptable – an under age Brook Shields topless saying that nothing comes between her and her Calvins, for example - their success is unarguable.
But the fact that it is so easy to select specific examples from the plethora of ad campaigns proves that most who try to link sex with their business, fail. Not really a shock when you understand that sex does not even sell sex. And if it can not sell sex, then it sure as heck can not sell anything else.


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