Transactional Sex

Here is a question that I would like you to consider. Take the situation where a woman says to herself that the guy she has been on a date with is quite cute and has spent a fortune on entertaining her and bought her a couple of really nice expensive gifts while they have been together, so she might as well have some fun and have sex with him. In those circumstances is she a prostitute because the man has spent a lot of money on her and given her gifts and in return she has had sex with him? What about a lady who thinks to herself that she might as well miss out the whole dating and dinner thing and just get money for sex rather than a handbag or a pair of shoes because the end result is the same. Is a woman who takes that decision a girlfriend or a whore?

As far as I am concerned the first lady is simply kidding herself about her real status and what her relationship is about, while the second woman is being extremely honest about the reality of her status and what so many short and long term relationships between men and women are really about. When I am selling the services of the sexiest high class escort London can supply there is no ambiguity about what it going on. It is always possible that I am wrong about my view of men and women, sex and relationships but I think transactional sex is much more simple than the majority of people.

Here are a few of my thoughts about sex and people, which are not researched in the traditional sense, but are instead just my ramblings based on my considerable experience of the sex industry and dealing with thousands of men and women and their sex lives. Even in these days, in an age when ladies and gents are far more equal in their work lives and in their potential to make money at work, the desire or need for financial support can exert a big influence the way women behave sexually.

It is often said by lots of people that most women primarily crave security, while most men are looking to achieve status. Like so many generalisations regarding the genders, these traits and desires actually overlap for the majority of people, but at the extremes of behaviour it is definitely true. Women desire material and financial security and that obviously makes complete evolutionary sense. And with that in mind, swapping sex with men for security and protection is a very intelligent and sensible strategy. So it is only a small step of social development and economics for women to work as escorts to gain financial security and independence.

Meanwhile, men want status because in terms of evolution that gives the most successful men an opportunity to have sex with the greatest number of desirable and attractive women. And in this society men will pay for sex with women who are more attractive than they would normally be able to attract in order to prove their status, as well as for the obvious reasons of pure sexual pleasure.

So for me personally, I have to say that the term transactional sex applies when money or gifts are swapped for sex. Such gifts can be holidays, meals, cash, handbags or shoes. In many cases, things such as phones, food, rent, and clothing are also supplied to women as incentives rather than simple cash gifts so as to make their behaviour seem less like that of a professional prostitute.


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