Most Sex Workers Are Volunteers

I am sure that most people agree that it is wrong to force people to do things against their will. Some criminals disagree and they smuggle people against their will. I think that is a terrible crime. But I think that the law in many places does the same as slavery to people. Forcing people to act in ways that they dislike is a form of slavery. Sometimes the law takes something natural, ancient and traditional and makes it illegal and dirty. I mean selling and buying sensuality. sensuality is the oldest profession and making it illegal has never been effective.

I am often asked what attributes or skills would make a woman into the most successful sensuality worker. People often find the answers that I give surprising and even shocking. Being among the most successful and rich mature escorts London can provide is not about being he most beautiful woman in the city or having a perfect body. If a woman is going to become rich as an escort then first she needs to look good in photographs. Photographs are the most important way to advertise for people in the sensuality business. But looking good in photographs is more about posing skill and knowing how to work with the camera instead of just beauty.

My life is all about sensuality. I write about sensuality. I sell sensuality. I organize sensuality. I also like sensuality in my personal life. I enjoy all kinds of sensuality and I have tried every type of sex. I have tried everything erotic that you could imagine. I enjoyed all of that sensuality. Everything about sensuality is good and I love it. That means that I am a woman who loves sensuality and has as much sensuality as possible. I love sensuality and I am in the sensuality industry. Liking sensuality and also selling sensuality and writing about sensuality is a terrific and very fortunate life.

If a woman wants to create wealth while she is still young then she has only a few options. Being a sensuality worker is a sure way to make money. A woman can become famous but everyone is attempting that. Or a young woman might choose to become qualified and enter one of the traditional professions such as engineer or architect. But for the majority of women the only way to become rich is by selling her time and sensuality which are extremely precious assets. Throughout history, selling sensuality has been a good way for women to make money and achieve independence.

Managing an escort agency is a job and the best way to be successful is to treat it as a business. One thing that is unusual is that the product an escort agency is renting can refuse to accept a booking. sensuality workers can say yes or no as they choose because they are independent business people. So an escort agency is not like most other businesses because products do what they are told. In some ways, the escort agency business is like a talent agent finding jobs for actors.


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